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The Immigration Debate: Neverending Idiocy

Politics | Posted by Lamar
Aug 28 2015

What do conservatives think about immigration? In particular, what do conservative intellectuals think about immigration? At the Philadelphia Society’s meeting in Chicago on April 22-24 – it’s thirtieth-anniversary meeting, as it happens – the group explored the theme: “The USA: An Idea or a People?”

The conservative proposition is that the United States is not an ideological abstraction but a nation, a people, a culture – like other nations in some respects but unique, as John O’Sullivan pointed out, in one vital particular: “American national identity remains at the moment more cultural than ethnic,” and for that reason “this identity is inclusive. It is possible to become an American,” no matter what one’s genetic roots, “in a way it is not possible to become a Slovak or a Pole.” Liberals, by contrast, along with some conservatives, believe that America began