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Mental Vs. Physical Health – Battle To The Death?

Society | Posted by Lamar
Oct 04 2015

“Mental Health May Be Stormiest Battle of Clinton Plan,” read a headline on a November 5, 1993, story in the Wall Street Journal. And indeed it is becoming so. Led by Tipper Gore, the Mental Health Task Force proposed “parity” between mental-health problems and physical illnesses under Clinton’s health reform (which helped later attempts). However, when the actuaries calculated the costs of “parity,” they recognized it as a fiscal space odyssey and, appropriately, delayed its full implementation until 2001.

This induced outrage among many mental-health organizations. Former First Ladies Rosalynn Carter and Betty Ford were brought to Washington to defend parity, and the National Institute of Mental Health dusted off its studies demonstrating the widespread prevalence of mental disorders. Meanwhile, the American Association of Manufacturers was suggesting that the benefits be scaled back radically.

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