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Congress And Chaos – Great Bedfellows, For Sure

Politics | Posted by Lamar
Nov 03 2015

Chaos Theory says that the order one perceives is not the true order. Originally developed to attack forecast models for the weather, and later extended to the economy, chaos theory would apply nicely to the federal budget, where nothing ever turns out as advertised. Take the Clinton Administration’s constant boasting that next year’s budget deficit (FY 1995) will fall to $170 billion as a result of the budget cuts and tax increases in last year’s “deal of the century.” In fact, the only real budget cuts came in defense, where spending as a share of GDP will soon drop to 3.5 per cent, its lowest level in over forty years, a fact duly noted by North Korea’s Kim Il Sung and other rogues around the world.

congresMeanwhile, domestic spending, which has increased 9 per cent annually over the past