Starting A Blog By Using Tutorials From The Internet

Posted by Lamar
Sep 26 2015

sabbutNo idea about HTML code? No problem! With the help of internet and the users of the internet, finding a tutorial on how to create a basic blog site by learning how to code its simple structure is really easy and not hard to find. A really informative blogging starter site is here. When starting a blog, if you aim for a simple layout of a simple blog, then it is fine to have the basic knowledge of HTML codes. Most people on the internet are bloggers as well. These people, who first haven’t had an idea about HTML codes for their blog sites, learned how to and now are successful and complex bloggers, want to share what they have learned to other people.

There are a lot of tutorials all over the internet; there are even sample blogs that shows what HTML codes they are consisted of and the product output. There are also courses – some of them are free and others are paid since it will take more than a month for you to learn. When you are planning on starting a blog, always be ready by bringing with you your basic knowledge. Along the way of blogging, you will learn how to do more complex designs and add more tabs or buttons.

Create A Blog And Earn In So Many Ways!

Did you know that you can get money from writing a blog? Now you know! You can choose from being a site blogger or a ghost blogger. The similarity between the two is you get to create a blog. But the difference is the number of effort versus the amount you earn from it. Let us talk about their similarity first.

When you create a blog as a site blogger, you need to create your own website, you get to choose your own domain and you get to control whatever you want to write. However, the downsides are: there are possible charges, you will possibly get tricked by domain masters that claim they are free, and you might also become unpopular. Your fame will depend on your site’s appearance, contents, and topic. If you also want to have your own domain or web address, the only option is to pay monthly.

Meanwhile, being a ghost blogger would cost none and make you earn more. There is money guaranteed since the bloggers who have their own website will buy your articles from you and they will take the credit and put there their name as the writer. You, as a ghostwriter, may not have the article under your name but at least you got money from it even before the blogger.

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  1. Claire Smith says:

    My husband and I were talking about moving our children to a more affordable school. You know, we are having trouble with our budget. What happened this morning was I bumped into this article by accident! I don’t know what brought me here but it’s clear to me that destiny wanted me to learn that one can earn from writing! I guess I am destined to blog!

  2. Natalie Barnwell says:

    I am a student and to be of help to my financial needs for school, I’d like to start blogging and earn money from it. I have very limited money to spare for blog hosting. I will probably start off with free hosting services and move to one that asks for affordable amount in the future.

  3. George Whittaker says:

    I am on vacation and I would love to take this opportunity to learn about blogging. I thought I needed to be a computer geek to blog. It feels great to know that blogging is not just for those HTML experts!