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When Demolition Takes Over

Homes | Posted by Lamar
Sep 10 2015

PLYWOOD DEMOLITION CHUTES AND GREEN DUMPSTERS have become fixtures on the American landscape. From San Francisco to New York, from Newport to Houston, homeowners are renovating perfectly livable interiors as if their lives depended on it. What were once considered luxury spaces–commercially equipped kitchens, wine cellars, package-wrapping rooms–are, for some, basic necessities now. And while people in different parts of the country have slightly different ideas about must-have renovations, most must have luxurious kitchens and bath space, and lots of it.

lkIn Newport, Rhode Island, architect Jim Estes says his firm is renovating “white elephants” from top to bottom. “There’s a big emphasis on expensive kitchens, which a lot of these houses never had,” he observes. “We’re going well over $200 a square foot and sometimes over $500 for bathrooms.” Also in Newport, Brian Arnold, of B. R. Arnold

Kenos Play Hard!

Homes | Posted by Lamar
Sep 02 2015

Dramatic moments on PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” are not uncommon. This one, however, stands out because it involves the inimitable Keno twins (suffice to say, the incident was re-shown on “Oprah”). A no-nonsense older lady has brought along her antique Federal card table of luxuriant chestnut hue to the row. The brothers beam at her. She bought it more than thirty years ago for $25 at a garage sale. There is a lesson here. The twins gasp, beam harder, jittery with restraining themselves. Aged 42, identically blond, dressed in impeccable Savile Row suits, they might be scarcely 14, so clear is the filament of enthusiasm shining through. Leslie Keno hoists off the half-moon tabletop and points to the crumbling label beneath. Maker: John Seymour, the renowned British craftsman who immigrated to Boston in 1789. Now, his twin, Leigh, kneels down …