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SEAC Made Student Groups Strong Through Solidarity

Activism | Posted by Lamar
Sep 21 2015

seacSEAC-affiliated groups have established recycling programs at 900 universities in the United States, lobbied successfully against the James Bay hydroelectric project in Canada, set up environmental oversight committees at their universities, and engaged in a boycott of one of Ohio’s worst polluters, British Petroleum. In October 1990, a national SEAC conference featuring Earth First! founder Dave Foreman, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Robert Redford and United Farm Workers President Cesar Chavez drew 8,000 students to the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

The nationwide SEAC network is divided into 17 regions, each with a representative on the National Council. Proposals for the organization’s campaigns originate with local groups and regional committees, and are then submitted to the National Council for a vote. This decentralized approach allows SEAC to remain responsive to issues its members are most concerned with,

Student Protests Show Real Strength

Activism | Posted by Lamar
Sep 13 2015

Last fall, the galvanizing issue for students at Indiana University wasn’t the perennial griping over a shortage of parking spaces or overcrowded classes. In fact, student attention was focused in a rural Mississippi county, more than 500 miles away from the sleepy hills of southern Indiana.

Protest erupted on the campus when the school’s investment body announced it was selling 6,000 acres of Mississippi land that had been willed to it to a corporation planning to build a hazardous waste landfill and incinerator. The facility, designed to take in up to one-tenth of the country’s hazardous waste, is located in a county with a population that is 70 percent African-American and where 42 percent of the citizens have less than a ninth-grade education. At the predominantly white Indiana University, rallies have drawn more than 100 students. And even the usually