Congress And Chaos – Great Bedfellows, For Sure

Politics | Posted by Lamar
Nov 03 2015

Chaos Theory says that the order one perceives is not the true order. Originally developed to attack forecast models for the weather, and later extended to the economy, chaos theory would apply nicely to the federal budget, where nothing ever turns out as advertised. Take the Clinton Administration’s constant boasting that next year’s budget deficit (FY 1995) will fall to $170 billion as a result of the budget cuts and tax increases in last year’s “deal of the century.” In fact, the only real budget cuts came in defense, where spending as a share of GDP will soon drop to 3.5 per cent, its lowest level in over forty years, a fact duly noted by North Korea’s Kim Il Sung and other rogues around the world.

congresMeanwhile, domestic spending, which has increased 9 per cent annually over the past

Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety Should Be Known!

Mental Health | Posted by Lamar
Oct 06 2015

rtaThere seems to be a huge increase in levels of anxiety among people these days. This starts even as they are young children and are on the way to adulthood. In some, it is very clearly related to certain activities at a particular time. For instance, end of the year exams are sure to bring out the worst state of anxiety. Certainly not a time when you want to hit your bong or glass pipe. It is unfortunate that schools do not pay any attention to relaxation techniques for anxiety as part of the curriculum. It is a given that for everything toxic that happens, we need an antidote. Knowing the students are likely to undergo enough anxiety that they perform poorly should be reason enough to teach them some of the relaxation techniques for anxiety.

Just telling the …

Mental Vs. Physical Health – Battle To The Death?

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Oct 04 2015

“Mental Health May Be Stormiest Battle of Clinton Plan,” read a headline on a November 5, 1993, story in the Wall Street Journal. And indeed it is becoming so. Led by Tipper Gore, the Mental Health Task Force proposed “parity” between mental-health problems and physical illnesses under Clinton’s health reform (which helped later attempts). However, when the actuaries calculated the costs of “parity,” they recognized it as a fiscal space odyssey and, appropriately, delayed its full implementation until 2001.

This induced outrage among many mental-health organizations. Former First Ladies Rosalynn Carter and Betty Ford were brought to Washington to defend parity, and the National Institute of Mental Health dusted off its studies demonstrating the widespread prevalence of mental disorders. Meanwhile, the American Association of Manufacturers was suggesting that the benefits be scaled back radically.

The main source of

Starting A Blog By Using Tutorials From The Internet

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Sep 26 2015

sabbutNo idea about HTML code? No problem! With the help of internet and the users of the internet, finding a tutorial on how to create a basic blog site by learning how to code its simple structure is really easy and not hard to find. A really informative blogging starter site is here. When starting a blog, if you aim for a simple layout of a simple blog, then it is fine to have the basic knowledge of HTML codes. Most people on the internet are bloggers as well. These people, who first haven’t had an idea about HTML codes for their blog sites, learned how to and now are successful and complex bloggers, want to share what they have learned to other people.

There are a lot of tutorials all over the internet; there are even sample …

SEAC Made Student Groups Strong Through Solidarity

Activism | Posted by Lamar
Sep 21 2015

seacSEAC-affiliated groups have established recycling programs at 900 universities in the United States, lobbied successfully against the James Bay hydroelectric project in Canada, set up environmental oversight committees at their universities, and engaged in a boycott of one of Ohio’s worst polluters, British Petroleum. In October 1990, a national SEAC conference featuring Earth First! founder Dave Foreman, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Robert Redford and United Farm Workers President Cesar Chavez drew 8,000 students to the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

The nationwide SEAC network is divided into 17 regions, each with a representative on the National Council. Proposals for the organization’s campaigns originate with local groups and regional committees, and are then submitted to the National Council for a vote. This decentralized approach allows SEAC to remain responsive to issues its members are most concerned with,

Five Distinct Signs Of Hard Drive Failure That All Owners Need To Know!

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Sep 20 2015

hdfMost of the time people work on their laptops. They are portable, smaller in size, and yet pack as much punch as any standard computer. However, because of this they also have to know the signs of hard drive failure since it is more likely to occur because the hard drive is moved around at such a higher rate than any other system.

If you listen and watch for the warning signs, you just might be able to do a backup of files before you lose them entirely. Here is a list of the most common signs and what not to ignore.

(a)The bearings could be going out in which case the hard drive will continuously grind.

(b)Printing or having open files may cause garbled or unreadable files to be produced.

(c)The time from requesting data or opening a file to when the hard drive begins to respond; is it silent?

(d)When you are attempting to access a file, folder, or any data and there is a very long wait time or if it seems to have disappeared altogether.

(e)Watch your file names and folders, the names may have changed and be garbled. This is only five small signs of potential drive failure (see more hard drive failure symptoms), if you act quickly even and are a responsible computer owner you may very well be able to save all your data and not lose a thing!

Reasons You Hear Hard Drive Clicking

When you purchase a computer, you think you know everything you need to know about it. That is until you start hearing your hard drive clicking for what appears to be no reason at all. You think back to what advice the salesman gave you, what your teachers have Read the rest of this entry »

Student Protests Show Real Strength

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Sep 13 2015

Last fall, the galvanizing issue for students at Indiana University wasn’t the perennial griping over a shortage of parking spaces or overcrowded classes. In fact, student attention was focused in a rural Mississippi county, more than 500 miles away from the sleepy hills of southern Indiana.

Protest erupted on the campus when the school’s investment body announced it was selling 6,000 acres of Mississippi land that had been willed to it to a corporation planning to build a hazardous waste landfill and incinerator. The facility, designed to take in up to one-tenth of the country’s hazardous waste, is located in a county with a population that is 70 percent African-American and where 42 percent of the citizens have less than a ninth-grade education. At the predominantly white Indiana University, rallies have drawn more than 100 students. And even the usually

When Demolition Takes Over

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Sep 10 2015

PLYWOOD DEMOLITION CHUTES AND GREEN DUMPSTERS have become fixtures on the American landscape. From San Francisco to New York, from Newport to Houston, homeowners are renovating perfectly livable interiors as if their lives depended on it. What were once considered luxury spaces–commercially equipped kitchens, wine cellars, package-wrapping rooms–are, for some, basic necessities now. And while people in different parts of the country have slightly different ideas about must-have renovations, most must have luxurious kitchens and bath space, and lots of it.

lkIn Newport, Rhode Island, architect Jim Estes says his firm is renovating “white elephants” from top to bottom. “There’s a big emphasis on expensive kitchens, which a lot of these houses never had,” he observes. “We’re going well over $200 a square foot and sometimes over $500 for bathrooms.” Also in Newport, Brian Arnold, of B. R. Arnold

Tax Debt Settlement Through The IRS Fresh Start

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Sep 09 2015

irsfsThere are a lot of individuals who cannot settle their high rising tax debts because of unemployment and other unexpected economic conditions. However, the Internal Revenue Service now provides an IRS fresh start in order for the taxpayers to settle their debts at their convenience. They have increased the amount of tax before a person can receive a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This is very helpful to individuals who have accumulated their tax debts over a period of time. They just have to apply for an IRS fresh start in order to enjoy the benefits of tax lien. Nevertheless, the IRS also provides installment payments on individuals owing taxes of more than $50,000. This installment agreement should be availed through the internet and the tax owed should be paid for 72 months or six years. This is a good …

Kenos Play Hard!

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Sep 02 2015

Dramatic moments on PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” are not uncommon. This one, however, stands out because it involves the inimitable Keno twins (suffice to say, the incident was re-shown on “Oprah”). A no-nonsense older lady has brought along her antique Federal card table of luxuriant chestnut hue to the row. The brothers beam at her. She bought it more than thirty years ago for $25 at a garage sale. There is a lesson here. The twins gasp, beam harder, jittery with restraining themselves. Aged 42, identically blond, dressed in impeccable Savile Row suits, they might be scarcely 14, so clear is the filament of enthusiasm shining through. Leslie Keno hoists off the half-moon tabletop and points to the crumbling label beneath. Maker: John Seymour, the renowned British craftsman who immigrated to Boston in 1789. Now, his twin, Leigh, kneels down …

The Immigration Debate: Neverending Idiocy

Politics | Posted by Lamar
Aug 28 2015

What do conservatives think about immigration? In particular, what do conservative intellectuals think about immigration? At the Philadelphia Society’s meeting in Chicago on April 22-24 – it’s thirtieth-anniversary meeting, as it happens – the group explored the theme: “The USA: An Idea or a People?”

The conservative proposition is that the United States is not an ideological abstraction but a nation, a people, a culture – like other nations in some respects but unique, as John O’Sullivan pointed out, in one vital particular: “American national identity remains at the moment more cultural than ethnic,” and for that reason “this identity is inclusive. It is possible to become an American,” no matter what one’s genetic roots, “in a way it is not possible to become a Slovak or a Pole.” Liberals, by contrast, along with some conservatives, believe that America began